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Do you have a beautiful painting by Bolek Pawlicki hanging on your wall? J.B. Pawlicki's paintings deserve to be appreciated by as many people as possible. The Wild Meadow Virtual Museum is designed to share the beauty of his work. If you own paintings by Boleslaw Pawlicki and you are interested in sharing them with the world, please contact:

All received images will be presented in a separate section of the museum created for submissions, under 'Bolek Paintings From Friends of the Museum'. All images submitted will be posted anonymously, unless you express you would like to include your information, which we would be happy to include. As owner of the paintings/images, you can ask to have your submitted image removed from the Friends Gallery at any time and it will be removed in no later than 7 business days.


We thank you in advance for your help with this virtual museum initiative. 


You are welcome to download images in the main section of the museum exclusively for noncommercial use. Downloading images from the 'Bolek Paintings From Friends of the Museum' section is strictly prohibited to protect the rights of the painting's owners and images submitted.  

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